Practice Area: Commercial Business Litigation, Compliance, and Trials - Liquor Law Compliance   drop
Many restaurants and bars in Utah rely on their liquor license to be successful.  As a result, those restaurants and bars need adept attorneys to navigate this crucial aspect of their business.  Liquor licensing and compliance in Utah requires restaurants and bars to deal directly with the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“DABC”) on a host of issues.
Christensen & Jensen’s liquor law compliance attorneys provide complete beginning-to-end services for bars and restaurants that deal with the DABC.  Our attorneys are able to draft due diligence reports for potential restaurant/bar locations, compile applications (including transfers of liquor licenses), advise on changes to liquor laws, advise on what the rules actually are as it relates to DABC compliance, handle violation settlements with the Utah Attorney General’s office, appear at DABC meetings on behalf of clients with employees who are not supposed to be serving alcohol due to "crimes of moral turpitude," and work on issues related to the "Zion Curtain" and other intricacies regarding the sale of alcohol in the state of Utah.