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The franchised business industry is an ever-growing and complex combination of common law, statutory law, and regulatory law.  Christensen & Jensen’s franchising attorneys combine their sophisticated legal knowledge, strategic planning, and years of experience serving franchised business clients to offer clients the assistance they need in navigating the vast area of franchising law.

For many companies, franchising has proven to be a financially rewarding way to grow and adapt their business.  Many businesses opt to franchise because it offers great flexibility, the potential for rapid expansion with reduced capital resources, greater motivation for middle-managers, the potential to acquire and consolidate a business’s competitors, alternative means of distribution available to franchised businesses, and because it can be used a means of privatization.
In appreciation of the unique characteristics and benefits to the overall economy that franchised businesses create, franchised businesses are generally afforded a certain degree of understanding by the courts and regulators as it relates to certain labor, employment, tax and agency liability issues.  Furthermore, a well-developed and reasoned body franchise law has developed to help guide and frame the franchising industry.

Christensen & Jensen’s franchising attorneys aspire to offer each franchising client: well thought out legal advice in conjunction with making franchise purchases and sales, legal consultation regarding the operation of a franchised business, and representation in franchise disputes, whether in mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  Christensen & Jensen strongly believes in protecting the rights of franchisees and franchisors alike.  We strive to offer our clients the full protection of the various franchising laws, including those rights advocated by the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers within The Franchise Bill of Rights.
Christensen & Jensen offers service as it relates to all parts of the franchising process, from the initial decision to purchase a franchise to the potential decision to sell or close a franchise location, and everything in between.

Franchising services offered by Christensen & Jensen, include:
  • Consultation and assistance with purchasing a franchise
  • Representing and fighting for the legal rights of franchised businesses in legal disputes
  • Handling legal claims against franchisors by franchisees and vice versa
  • Providing legal consultation and assistance with operating a franchised business
  • Assistance with renewing a franchised business location
  • Consultation and advice when selling or closing a franchise location
  • Helping small businesses expand through franchising
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