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The antitrust laws have been enacted in order to foster competition and to bolster consumer well-being by ensuring that businesses compete fairly based upon the products and services they offer.  The antitrust laws seek to target unlawful business practices that may lead to higher prices, fewer choices, or minimized innovation for consumers, including: allegedly illegal agreements, claims for price fixing, monopolization, and unfair competition.  Both the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) have the authority to investigate and bring actions for violation of the antitrust laws.  The Utah State Attorney General similarly is empowered to enforce parallel Utah antitrust laws.

Christensen & Jensen’s antitrust attorneys have a wide array of experience and skill in handling complex state and federal antitrust and competition lawsuits. Whether the issue is in the context of a merger or acquisition, evaluation of a particular business practice, or state or federal litigation, Christensen & Jensen’s antitrust attorneys possess and in-depth understanding of the finer points of antitrust and competition law and the applicable regulatory framework.  As a result, Christensen & Jensen’s antitrust attorneys can navigate the complexities of state and federal antitrust laws in a way that maximizes their clients’ positions.

Antitrust services offered by Christensen & Jensen, include:
  • Advise and provide solutions for clients with antitrust issues in acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures, distribution agreements, licensing intellectual property
  • Provide representation in civil antitrust litigation and arbitration
  • Help to ensure a client’s antitrust compliance, including assisting clients to understand the regulatory framework created by the DOJ and the FTC
  • Consulting clients concerning the application of antitrust and competition laws to potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting clients in drafting corporate compliance procedures
  • Auditing clients’ compliance with antitrust laws
  • Representing clients in relation to civil and criminal antitrust investigations, litigation, and arbitration
In addition to providing beginning to end antitrust services, whether civil or criminal, Christensen & Jensen’s antitrust attorneys also have significant experience handling other cases under the FTC Act, which naturally lends itself to the firm’s antitrust law practice.  This combined experience allows Christensen & Jensen’s antitrust attorneys to see potential antitrust issues in a light as perhaps few other attorneys in Utah can.
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