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Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, health care, technology, food/dietary supplement, and other life sciences companies are among the most heavily regulated entities in the world.  Christensen & Jensen’s FDA attorneys seek to serve each aspect of this highly specialized and fiercely regulated industry.  Federal government regulation of the aforementioned industries continues to expand, and as the regulatory framework becomes more and more complex, companies are in greater and greater need of highly specialized and skillful counsel who can direct a company in such a way that it may avoid the potential pitfalls associated with FDA regulations.  Successful business ventures need to be able to comprehend how any new regulations and developments fit within the broader FDA regulatory framework, including how these changes impact business and industry practices.  Christensen & Jensen’s FDA attorneys are highly capable and are well-positioned to meet the demands of any FDA case.
Beyond the realm of FDA product applications, review, and enforcement actions, Christensen & Jensen’s FDA attorneys offer a formidable defense when there is challenge to a food and drug product.  Whether it is an individual lawsuit, class-action suit or government agency inquiry, Christensen & Jensen has successfully litigated and resolved many food and drug industry related disputes.  Our attorneys have participated in nationwide multidistrict litigation involving food and drug products, including multidistrict litigation involving medical devices.
In addition to our specialized knowledge and skill regarding FDA regulation, enforcement, and related litigation, attorneys at Christensen & Jensen are equipped to tackle problems that might arise in the context of the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) as it relates to advertising and the sale of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, biotechnology products, health care products, technology products, food/dietary supplements, and otherwise.  Our FTC attorneys are more than qualified to handle any dispute, administrative, or otherwise, involving claims brought by the FTC.
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