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Probate litigation is a particular specialty of Christensen & Jensen. The firm has defended the rights of many clients whose lives are affected by the death or mental incapacity of a relative, and has obtained numerous summary judgments, verdicts and settlements. Contested matters that are handled by probate courts can include will contests, will and trust construction suits, guardianship contests, trust modification/reformation suits, trust termination suits, and breach of fiduciary duty actions. Many people wrongly believe they own their assets as separate property when it may have converted to community or marital property.

Emotions can be especially high in probate cases and tense interactions can greatly disrupt familial relationships.  Christensen & Jensen has experience with high-risk factors for probate litgation and will help you form the best legal strategy to resolve things. The firm focuses on preventive law for probate matters, but we know that sometimes litigation can't be avoided.  Even if there is a valid reason to challenge an estate, there are strict statute of limitations requirements that can eliminate a claim after enough time has passed.  Seeking legal counsel as soon as possible is highly recommended for any individual who wants to contest an estate or guardianship.

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