News: Tanner S. Lenart Answers Utah Liquor Law Public Questions on Utah Booze News Podcast

Tanner S. Lenart talks about the recent DABC commissioner meeting and answers questions related to Utah liquor law in an interview with the Utah Booze News podcast. 

"Everybody needs to [call their legislature] who cares about seeing more bars because the number of bar licenses is allocated by the legislature and it's completely arbitrary," says Tanner S. Lenart on Utah Booze News when asked about her thoughts on Commission Chair Thomas Jacobson openly calling for people to contact their legislatures to address Utah liquor laws. One bar license per 10,200 people. Utah hands out bar licenses by population quota. The next projected license will be available in December. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast, Utah Booze News: 'Did I get cut off?'

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