News: C&J attorney, Mary Corporon, mentioned in Deseret News article about juror and courtroom members COVID-19 vaccination

Mary Corporon has been mentioned many times in the media for her exceptional work and experience. She was recently mentioned in Deseret News for her comments in a letter submitted to Gov. Spencer Cox, urging Cox to prioritize vaccines for jurors and others in the courtroom. Below are two of her comments from the letter:

“These defendants have not been convicted, assert they are not guilty, and yet cannot have their day in court,” defense attorney Mary Corporon wrote on behalf of the group in a letter to Cox dated Jan. 15. 

“This is not about any one particular case, but about defending the sacred constitutional concepts of speedy trial, due process of law, and open access to the courts, all of which are rights enshrined in both the United States and Utah state constitutions,” Corporon wrote.

Mary states that halting trials since March 13, 2020, has significantly affected defendants and has placed the victims' lives on hold. This letter was submitted on behalf of The Utah Association of Criminal Defense. To read the full article click here

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