News: Karra Porter and Sarah Spencer Present at "Short Legal Writing Course for Lawyers" CLE
C&J appellate attorneys Karra J. Porter and Sarah E. Spencer presented at last night's short legal writing course for lawyers CLE at the Utah State Bar.  Karra presented on the topic of "The 'Too-Long' Brief," providing valuable tips on ways to shorten your briefs and keep them within the court-imposed page limits.  Additionally, Karra served as moderator for the presentation on "Style" and "Persuasiveness."  Sarah presented on two topics, one about utilizing "Accuracy and Clarity [to] Promote Readability, and the other about "Using Shorter Sentences for Effect."  Sarah's first presentation talked about vagueness and ambiguity in legal writing, and how those concepts should be avoided in your legal briefs.  The second portion of Sarah's presentation focused on ways to construct shorter sentences, including dividing long sentences into several shorter sentences, removing unnecessary words, and using simple words in your sentences.  For more information on Karra's and Sarah's presentations, read here.

- Karra Porter, Bob Sykes, and John Fay served as moderators and presenters at the Legal Writing Course CLE
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